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Destination Weddings: Q&A with a Specialist

Is a Destination Wedding Specialist necessary?

Absolutely! The knowledge and expertise of a specialist will give you peace of mind. We work with thousands of professionals who specialize in cruises, exotic destinations, group travel and, of course, destination weddings. They are experienced, reputable and have a good relationship with many of our hotels and resorts.

Who will be coordinating the trip and wedding?

Destination Wedding Specialists handle all the major arrangements – from airfare and accommodation for you and your guests, to the wedding itself. They will be in contact with the resort to finalize all the details and ensure everything goes according to plan.

How do I know I can trust a Destination Wedding Specialist?

Destination Wedding Specialists are experts at organizing different types of weddings in all sorts of destinations. They are impartial, realistic and can give you an accurate idea of what the hotel and destination are like, since they’ve most likely been there themselves!

How is a Destination Wedding Specialist different from a Travel Agent?

With Destination Wedding Specialists, there’s no need to worry about booking, paperwork, legal requirements and logistics. They can even manage everything from A to Z for an extra charge, if your budget permits. In our opinion, it’s well worth it.

How early should I begin planning?

Don’t treat your destination wedding like a last-minute vacation: begin researching and narrowing down your options as early as possible! Start by booking the wedding date and group space a year in advance.

How many destination and resort choices should I limit myself to?

Having multiple destination and several resort choices slows down the process, as it takes much longer to gather information and come to a decision. Consider two or three options and weigh out the pros and cons of each.


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